F1 2014

Conspiracy? – Hamilton Points Finger

Lewis Hamilton has suggested a conspiracy was at work during Sunday’s German Grand Prix helping his Mercedes team-mate Nico Rosberg to victory.

Hamilton’s weekend took a blow when brake failure in qualifying saw him end up in the wall and only able to start 15th while Rosberg lead the race from pole position.

On lap 48 Adrian Sutil span his Sauber at the exit of the final corner while Hamilton was running 3rd, some way behind leader Rosberg, and halted on-track, causing marshals to run onto the circuit to retrieve the stricken car.

“There should have been a Safety Car.” claimed Hamilton.

“How on earth a car can be sitting in the middle of the road for a couple of laps and [the safety car] not come out…but I think you know why.”

The suggestion that the race stewards chose not to deploy the safety car in order to favour Rosberg adds to the catalogue of theories Hamilton has drawn on in recent years claiming he is victimised, including in 2011 when he joked his colour was to blame for his penalisation at the Monaco Grand Prix.

However, Rosberg too was suprised by the decision to avoid a safety car.

“I was surprised, I was definitely expecting it to come out.” added the German.

Hamilton has claimed he is no longer using mind-games in his battle for the world title with Rosberg.

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