F1 2014

Hamilton defends radio outbursts

Lewis Hamilton has defended his outbursts on radio during the Spanish Grand Prix by explaining he was ‘struggling’ during the race which he won from pole position, finishing ahead of team-mate Nico Rosberg.

Hamilton led the race comfortably during the first two stints, despite claims from the Englishman he was finding the dominant F1W05 ‘difficult’ to drive and was experiencing ‘snap oversteer’ all weekend.

“…the communication is really, really important with your engineer and here is a really difficult circuit because there is so much going on. But they did a great job, we’ll work on it for sure.” said Hamilton post race.

Hamilton even claimed Rosberg was faster than him, though the result didn’t bear that out.

“Particularly in Bahrain and here, Nico generally had the advantage on me. Fortunately the starts have been great, I’ve been really, really happy with them this year, but I’ve got to figure out where I’m losing my time.” 

Losing time to Rosberg seemed to be uppermost in Hamilton’s mind on Sunday as he repeatedly came on the radio to the pitwall demanding information or berating his team for talking to him at the wrong time – such as in the braking zones for key corners.

After being told by race engineer Pete Bonnington that three ‘turns’ of front-wing would be added at his next pit-stop to aid the oversteer issue, Hamilton reacted angrily:

“No, not three, why are you doing that? I want the normal two.”

Another exchange after the first pit-stop highlighted the championship leader’s distracted state of mind, as he seemed to criticise Bonnington for strategy choices:

Hamilton – “How was last lap? Was it too slow?”

Bonnington – “No pace was good at the end of the stint.”

Hamilton – “Then why did you bring me [in]?”

Bonnington – “We are keeping you on the optimum strategy. Gap to Nico four seconds.”

Hamilton – “It used to be 5.2.”

Hamilton now leads the championship by three points from Rosberg after winning yesterday’s race.


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