F1 2014

Haas on F1 – ‘It’s just basically racing’

Gene Haas American F1 Team

Gene Haas has expanded on his aim and vision for a new American Formula One team in a press conference in the States.

Haas, a long-time dabbler in NASCAR, seemed upbeat and optimistic about his new team’s chances of racing against established European rivals such as Ferrari, Red Bull and McLaren.

“We’ll have partners which we will work in Europe with.” Haas added.

“But to buy a current team, it didn’t fit what we wanted to do because the base needs to be the United States. Let’s face it, we’re new at this. There is going to be a long learning curve, and to sit there and say we can understand what’s going on with these cars in a year or two is not reasonable. It’s going to take us a while to learn, and we’ll lean heavily on a technical partner to help us.”

That technical partner may be a reference to chassis builder Dallara, an Italian company associated with the ill-fated Hispania entry in 2010 that folded at the close of 2012. Haas confirmed he has held preliminary talks with Dallara as he seeks a way into the vacant spot at the back of the grid alongside Marussia and Caterham.

Despite his admissions that the new team – planned to debut in 2015 or 2016 depending on progress – would need a base in Europe, Haas emphasised it would be an American undertaking.

“I can’t imagine why we can’t do this. I don’t see any reasons why we can’t. It’s just basically racing. Parts are more expensive, the coffee is a lot more expensive, certainly, but I think we can bring a more rational way to do this.

“Things have changed a lot since the last Americans have been involved. I think you get the impression that sometimes people think that the European way of racing is so much more advanced than the Americans. But we’re the most advanced country on the planet.”


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