F1 2014

Riccardo disqualification verdict upheld


The International Automobile Federation and court of appeal have upheld the decision by stewards to disqualify Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull from the season-opening F1 Australian Grand Prix in March.

Ricciardo finished the race 2nd but was later excluded from the results after it was found his RB10 car was using more fuel than is allowed under the new 2014 regulations, and that Red Bull knew this but failed to take appropriate action.

“The court decided to uphold the decision of the stewards to exclude Red Bull Racing’s car No.3 from the results of the 2014 Australian Grand Prix.” said the official statement from the court.

Stewards at the Melbourne race had added ‘Red Bull had the opportunity to be within compliance’ during qualification and five laps into the Melbourne race. However, owing to their failure to alert the officials to their actions they will not recieve the eighteen points Ricciardo would have scored for being 2nd.

Red Bull have insisted problems with the FIA-approved fuel flow sensor had been experienced up and down the pitlane, but other teams have refused to comment or denied the truth behind the statement. Mercedes in particular were unwavering in their support for the FIA’s case against the reigning World Champions.



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