F1 2014

Vettel banned from swapping helmet design


Reigning World Champion Sebastian Vettel has been banned from changing his helmet designs between Formula One practice sessions and races.

The German has always been known for his extravagant and sometimes lurid designs that have divided fans into two very different camps; those that feel the designs are confusing and misleading on television, and others who applaud the individuality and creativity it involves. Most notably Vettel wore an LED-encrusted helmet at the 2012 Singapore Grand Prix, wired up to a battery contained within the shell. Other designs have included a disco ball, a wooden stable door and an astronaut helmet.

As a result, Vettel has no clear helmet design unlike instantly recognisable lids from drivers like Alonso, Button and Raikkonen.

It is understood the change has been ordered by the F1 Helmet Regulations Board in order to allow television viewers and trackside spectators to easily pick the World Champion out from the crowd during Grands Prix.

********This is an April Fools story…gotcha!********

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