F1 2014

Bottas and Massa clash over Williams team orders

Felipe Massa and Valtteri Bottas clashed at the Malaysian Grand Prix over Williams team orders, as Massa refused to move over for the Finn after instructed to do so in order to let the Finn attack for 6th place at the end of the race.

Earlier in the Grand Prix Bottas had been ordered to allow the Brazilian to pass Kevin Magnussen before mounting his own attack, but answered with a disgruntled message telling the pitwall he was faster than his team-mate and should be allowed to pass.

The episode bubbled up again toward the conclusion of the race with the duo running behind the other McLaren of Jenson Button; Massa had closed on the Briton and attempted to pass but was unable to make it through and dropped back, at which point Williams ordered him to offer no resistance to Bottas and let the Finn make an assault on Button. This never happened and the Brazilian held on to finish 7th ahead of his team-mate.

Massa claimed after the race he ‘feels the team has respect for me, because I have respect for them’ and said he ‘wanted to fight to the end with Button, because I could have got 6th place so I will not give this chance up.’

Bottas was cagey and would not directly blame Massa, but believed there was a case to be answered.

“Obviously we will have to speak to the team [before we say anything]. Of course I have respect for him [Felipe] but this will be discussed.”


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