F1 2014

Ricciardo disqualified from Australian Grand Prix

Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo has been excluded from the final results of the Australian Grand Prix. The Australian had claimed his first ever career podium with a superb 2nd place, but post-race it was discovered a fuel flow problem had affected his car during the Grand Prix – effectively giving the Aussie a performance advantage outside the rules.

The FIA had earlier issued a communique detailing the alleged rule infringement, which stated that Ricciardo’s car was suspected to have exceeded the 100kg/h fuel flow permitted with the new V6 Turbo engines. Now found guilty, Ricciardo is to be stripped of his 2nd place trophy and will have the points he earned removed. This means Kevin Magnussen is now 2nd, with Jenson Button up to 3rd and all other drivers moving up a place, giving Sergio Perez in the Force India the final point.

Red Bull have confirmed the fuel flow meter was changed in Parc Ferme on Saturday after qualifying.

More to follow.


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