F1 2014

Ferrari show off F14T

Ferrari have become the fifth Formula One team to unveil their 2014 car after releasing pictures of the F14T on their website.

The car was named after a poll conducted among millions of fans across the world showed F14T to be the favourite designation for the first in a new era of Formula One Ferrari creations, beating second-placed F166 Turbo by just 1.7%. Maranello’s latest creation is to be driven by Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, the Finn continuing the Ferrari career he put on hold at the end of 2009 to go rallying before returning to F1 with Lotus in 2012.

The F14T features an aggressively streamlined nose in-line with the 2014 regulations that have seen such controversy; once again the team appear to have interpreted the regulations slightly differently to Williams, McLaren and Lotus who unveiled their cars earlier in the week.

Be1DIB6CQAAoGkq Untitled-1

f14t-rearview f14t-sideview f14t-team f14t-topview


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