F1 2014

McLaren take wraps off MP4/29

McLaren have unveiled their new 2014Formula One car, the MP4/29, at the team’s Woking headquarters.

The McLaren Technology Centre, or MTC as it is colloquially known, played host to the event which saw the MP4/29 revealed online slightly before its 12 noon billing.

The MP4/29 is devoid of a main sponsor after Vodafone ended their relationship with the team, begun in 2007, at the close of the 2013 season. Instead branding for the MP4/29 itself takes prominent positions on the first McLaren since 2006 to run without a title sponsor. However, Managing Director Jonathan Neale has denied the team is in financial difficulty as a result. He claims lucrative tie-ins with Hilton, Hugo Boss and Tag Heuer remain good relationships and ones unlikely to founder in coming seasons as the team takes onboard Honda powerplants for 2015.

The MP4/29 features an all-over metallic grey livery, the only relief being the trademark dayglo orange McLaren ‘swoops’ on the sidepods.


_79P0166 _79P0147 _79P0197 _79P0207

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