F1 2013

Korean GP News Round-Up

The top stories in the wake of Sunday’s Korean Grand Prix:

  • Pirelli apologise after Alonso row
  • Hulkenberg – 4th place ‘will not change my future’
  • Boullier – Grosjean ‘begging for team orders’
  • Webber – may have netted podium
  • Rosberg – front wing failure ‘pretty scary’

Pirelli have apologised to Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso after the Spaniard’s comments on Saturday over the quality of the Italian manufacturer’s product led to a verbal retaliation. Alonso, who had qualified 7th, claimed the ‘quality of the tyres is very on the limit’, leading Pirelli to release a tongue-in-cheek response claiming he should seek advice from Red Bull’s Sebastian Vettel. Following Sergio Perez’s tyre failure in the race, Paul Hembery sat down with Alonso to apologise for the earlier statement and to reassure the Ferrari star that all the necessary safety strategies are in place to avoid a repetition of this incident.

Sauber celebrated their return to form in Yeongam after Nico Hulkeberg’s 4th place like it was a race victory, but the German claims it has done nothing to alter his future attractiveness to higher-placed teams.

“I am pleased just for the sake of having done a good result. Mega team effort, 12 points. For us it’s a big thing, but I don’t think this result only will change my future day and night. People have looked at me, if they’re interested, for more time. Obviously today is good, no question and no argument, but they just don’t look at one race do they? I don’t hope so at least!”

Eric Boullier has moved to quell rumours of unrest at Lotus after heated radio exchanges between Romain Grosjean and pit wal over his battle for P2 with team-mate Kimi Raikkonen led to the Frenchman being asked to maintain position.

“Romain was frustrated because he made a small mistake at the restart after the safety car and Kimi just passed him.” claimed Bouiller.

“I think he was begging for some team orders to let him past, but he made a mistake and it was normal racing time. I think he could have been quicker, but he was bit upset that he lost the position so it is just part of his learning curve.”

“Our radio is quite bad, I have to say. I don’t hear most of the conversations either.” Grosjean explained.

“I just made a mistake, Kimi could go for it and the unfortunately there was a yellow flag at turn three so I couldn’t get my place back. I was quicker today but then we have rules not to fight.”

Nico Rosberg has rued his lost opportunity to beat team-mate Lewis Hamilton after a catastrophic front wing failure left the German in fear of an accident before he was forced to pit for repairs.

“I couldn’t believe what happened with the wing: I was on course for a podium finish after overtaking Lewis and two seconds later, the front wing just broke.” exclaimed the German, who finished 7th.

“It was pretty scary because that could have been a dangerous situation but the engineers told me over the radio that it was under control and I could carry some speed back to the pits. It’s a shame because the car felt great today and I found a good balance and how to get the most out of the car, which I hadn’t managed until this point of the weekend.”

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