F1 2013

Hamilton – ‘I was angry’

Lewis Hamilton has admitted his claims that his 2013 World Championship bid was ‘over’ after finishing 9th at the Italian Grand Prix was the result of frustration following a ‘disaster of a weekend’ – and that he will continue to fight until it is beyond mathematical reach.

The Briton had his worst weekend of the year in Monza after qualifying 12th and racing to 9th place, while title rivals Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso filled the top two positions. After the race, he said to journalists that he believed his title hopes were gone.

“When I got out of the car I was angry, and definitely thought that would be it. But I’ve been back with my engineers and I’m not going to give up. It was a difficult weekend.” Hamilton said.

“I’m ninth, and we should have been much further ahead. So I’m very disappointed with myself…but these things happen and you have to say that it’s been a good year so far… I did have some fun [yesterday] afternoon, particularly fighting with Kimi. It’s just tough fighting so far down the field when our car was clearly really quick.”

Hamilton has now slipped to 81 points behind championship leader Vettel with 175 left to play for, but has not ruled out the possibility of still beating the seemingly unstoppable German. The Englishman has made no secret in the past of his belief that Adrian Newey’s creations, moreso than Vettel’s skill, is responsible for the Red Bull man’s trio of World Championship crowns.

“I basically need to win every race, which is the tallest order ever, but I can do nothing but try. I wish it was a closer battle at the front. It’s a shame it is like it is.”


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