F1 2013

Tragedy in Montreal as marshal is killed

Celebrations after Sebastian Vettel’s victory in yesterday’s Canadian Grand Prix were cut short following the tragic news a marshal had died in hospital following injuries sustained at the circuit.

The 38-year-old marshal, who as yet remains unnamed, was hit by a recovery vehicle while working to recover the stricken Sauber of Esteban Gutierrez, who crashed at the exit of the pitlane with less than 10 laps remaining.

Reports suggest the marshal, who died later in hospital, stumbled after crouching to pick up his radio which he had dropped, causing him to be hit by the recovery vehicle whose driver had not seen him.

Dr Jacques Bouchard, the Grand Prix’s chief medical officer, said the marshal “suffered major trauma with multiple fractures and a serious abdominal contusion”.

“The work of marshals is not always seen but it is vital to our sport and without their commitment, time and dedication there would be no motorsport,” said Vettel when informed of the news.

“I am very, very sad to hear this news and my thoughts are with his family and friends.”

‘Today there is nothing to celebrate’ added Fernando Alonso on Twitter.

This is the first death at a race since marshal Graham Beveridge was killed by flying debris at the 2001 Australian Grand Prix.


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