F1 2013

F1W04 garage is open

The Mercedes F1W04 virtual ‘garage’ is finally open – treating fans to a grainy, colourless and remarkably dour view of the car to be driven by Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton during the 2013 season.

Despite the hype surrounding the launch which started yesterday fans were left empty-handed and disappointed when the Mercedes AMG website crashed and was rendered inaccessible for over three hours. With the hashtag ‘F1W04Reveal’ treanding on Twitter the doors finally cranked fully open on Sunday afternoon, but the result is still a big letdown.

A sliver of light shows off the F1W04's cockpit, but not much else.

A sliver of light shows off the F1W04’s cockpit, but not much else.

From what is visible, the car design seems just as underwhelming as the ‘birthing ceremony’ which has brought it into the world; the harshly-stepped nose of 2012 is gone in favour of a more pointed ‘a la 2010’ design, while the sidepod and front wing detail all appear to be conventional plans continuing on logical development from last year’s F1W03. However, Mercedes themselves have admitted 2013 is somewhat of a holding year before bigger, more revolutionary changes are made, in time for the rule changes they see as an opportunity take hold in 2014.

The overwhelming of the Mercedes servers was put down to the immense number of Lewis Hamilton supporters desperate to see the machinery that their hero will be using in the coming season. Lewis can only hope the car itself is a tad more reliable than the software that launched it…


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