F1 2013 milestones

Some of the myriad fun facts and figures that will arise during the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship season…

–          This is the 64th FIA Formula One World Championship season.

–          Fernando Alonso will race in his 200th Grand Prix in Bahrain. It is also ten years since he became a Grand Prix winner    (Hungary 2003).

–          Jenson Button is now the most experienced driver on the grid.

–          Mark Webber is the oldest driver (Aged 36). He will also start his 200th race in Bahrain.

–          Ten years since the team known as Force India last won a Grand Prix (As Jordan, Brazil 2003)

–          Sahara Force India’s 5th season as Force India.

–          Williams will compete in their 600th Grand Prix at Silverstone.

–          Red Bull will compete in their 150th Grand Prix in Bahrain.

–          20 years since Sauber entered Formula One (South Africa 1993)

–          Monisha Kaltenborn hopes to be the first female Team Principal to stay at the helm for an entire season.

–          This will be the first season with no drivers that competed in the 1990’s on the grid.

–          Valtteri Bottas will be Finland’s 9th Formula One driver when he takes to the grid in Melbourne.

–          Most British drivers on the grid (4) since 2008 Spanish Grand Prix (Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button, David     Coulthard & Anthony Davidson).

–          First season with Rolex as official F1 timekeepers.

–          First season raced under the 7th Concorde agreement (Ratified in 2012).


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